Just a quick note on Wildfire…

Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog! I definitely need to update this beast.

I just wanted to assure you that Wildfire is on the way. I have no set date yet, but I will shout about it on this blog when it’s available for download.

Thanks for hanging in there. Much love.


Skylight: Now Readable With Your Own Eyes!

Hello! At last I bring you good news. Skylight is now up on Amazon and Smashwords. (Apple and Barnes & Noble will catch up soon)
Just follow the links!


Amazon UK

Amazon US – AUS -NZ

Currently only available in eBook format, but the paper version is in the works 🙂
Hope you enjoy it!

The Official Skylight Release Date

Happy new year everyone! Wait… what? It’s April, you say. How did that happen!?!?
Just kidding, but really, how is it April (almost May) already? It’s time for an update.

Thank you for your comments, reviews, encouragement and general interest in Skylight. SO WHY ISN’T IT OUT YET!!!???!!

It’s totally my fault. I severely underestimated how long it could take to polish off a story, how difficult it would be to write a worthy sequel, and how scary it can be. So, maybe I’ve been a total chicken about. Yeah I have. I know people have been waiting, and I know some competition winners have been waiting for their copies. I have not forgotten about you!

The good news is that the story is written, it’s just getting some changes and spell checks from some beta readers. As it changes, I am falling in love with it. Before, I knew Skylight wasn’t a worthy story, nor was it ready for release. So I sat back and just thought about it (for a long time), went social media silent, and toyed with many different ideas to make it better. And now I can confidently give you a release date.

So, the thing you’ve been waiting for: Skylight will be out on July 2nd, come rain, hail or shine (via Amazon and Smashwords). No delays, no pushbacks, no nothing.

Thank you for your patience. You guys are awesome!

New Choose Your Own Adventure for zOctober. Win Skylight!

Hey, just a quick reminder to check out http://mybookaddiction.com for my new Choose Your Own Adventure post. Last time it was Florence’s adventure, and this time it’s Kean’s turn (and of course Henry). Good luck! Also head on over there to win copies of Skylight (when it’s released) and don’t forget Arcadium in FREE on Smashwords/Barnes and Noble/apple iBooks for the whole month of zOctober. Yay!


Oh Skylight, where for art thou?

Oh my gosh, when is this book coming out? Right, so I don’t have an exact date, and I won’t bother trying to predict again because I clearly have zero predicting skills. Unfortunately I’m moving house tomorrow (arrg stress) and going on holiday in two days time (arrg yay!) and taking part in zOctober (woohoo!) so there’s a lot of life stuff going on. As soon as I’m ready to load the ebook and his the PUBLISH button I’ll let you know. AND to make the wait worth your while there is going to be a very special competition tied in with Skylight that you will not want to miss. I’m not giving away books, I’m not giving away merchandise. It’s going to be even cooler so watch this space…

More on Skylight + Arcadium Free on Smashwords

Yep. I tried to get it out earlier, but alas. I did not. My bad. Don’t worry though! Skylight is coming back from my beta readers now and with a little fine tuning it should be here in a few weeks. I can’t really stick to a definite date because look how that turned out last time!

I am really excited though!

Also if you’re wondering how much it’s going to be, I’ve decided to keep the e-book at 99c/99p (or whatever Amazon decides is the random exchange price for the Brits!?).

Also Arcadium is free on Smashwords for the moment, so click here to check that out.

Next week I’m heading to the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, UK. Exciting! It’s basically nine days of theatre, costume wearing, readings, talks, walks and regency workshops. And the costumes have been taking forever to make! So that’s probably another reason Skylight got a tad delayed. 😀