Book Review: The Concise Oxford Thesaurus

So I haven’t exactly written a book review before. But we all have to start somewhere and this book is sitting on my desk right now.

Claims on the front: “New”. Whatever that means. Though it’s a good start, because no one wants the Victorian edition when you’re trying to find seventeen other options for go-go dancer. It’s also the “world’s most trusted dictionaries” brand. That’s good. I suspect this is what you need in a thesaurus. Though a little modesty never went astray.

This particular edition smells a bit like cigarettes even though I don’t smoke. It was rescued from a charity shop so I like to think its previous owner was a cigar-toting intellectual history professor with a tweed jacket. That would be cool.  But enough with the chatter, lets get down to business.

The words! As far as I can tell this is 974 pages of pure, unadulterated words. If that doesn’t make you shiver with delight, writers, then I just don’t know what will. It’s a fascinating if not tedious journey through endless possibilities, all the way from aback to zoom. This book provides an uplifting hope-bringing message that life is full of options.

The only downside to this particular edition is that it’s a brick. Completely unportable. I need to do some press-ups before I even think of moving it to the other side of my desk.

Anyway I’ll have to stop here because I’m not sure how long I can keep a straight face 🙂

That was my first review. And much more interesting than a test post.


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