Blog Fright…

Is there such a thing as blog fright? Similar to stage fright but on the blogosphere.

Because oh my gosh I have no idea what to blog about! I’m not even sure what this blog is supposed to be about. My initial idea was to post some of my writing here. I figure the blog’s not about me. It’s not a diary of my life. Perhaps just my writing life? Yes. I like that.

And while we’re on the topic of horror…

American Horror Story. Oh my wow.
What a crazy TV show. I am so addicted.

It begins with the Harmon family moving into a new place after Ben has an affair and his wife Vivien has a miscarriage. They’re trying to save their marriage and their teenage daughter is caught in the middle. Ben is a psychologist and see’s his clients in the home (so there are always creepy psychotic people wandering around). What they don’t realise is that the house is haunted by all its former inhabitants and some really scary stuff is on the horizon for them.

It’s a messed up storyline, with so many twists. And as I’m editing The Fear I can feel this show inspiring a darker side to the story.
Very cool.


2 thoughts on “Blog Fright…

  1. Haha, oh my that’s exactly why I don’t have a blog (even if I wanted to) I just don’t know what I should post. 😀

    So … I think you just posted the right thing. Keep going!

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