Review: Angelfall by Susan Ee

Angelfall by Susan Ee should definitely be on your kick-ass YA reading list.

It’s about a girl called Penryn, who has an epic amount of crap to deal with in her life–a schizophrenic mother, big bad and generally evil angels that are taking over the world and turning it to pot, and her wheelchair-bound little sis is kidnapped by one of the many winged menaces scouring the skies. But then Raffe, an angel whose wings and respect have been ripped from his stunning self, and Penryn form an unlikely traveling duo. Penryn holds his wings hostage unless he helps her to get her lil sis back. And so off they go on a wild journey.

At first I was a little skeptical, I’ll admit. I found a few mistakes in the opening chapters and thought it might just be one of those indie books archived in my Kindle and never to be thought of again. But then I saw a review on that made me give it another go and WOWEE. What a story. It drew me in and left me hanging for more.

Will there be a sequel? I hope so, I’d buy it in a click.



Judging books by covers

Why are book covers so difficult? I’m trying to make a cover for my novel Arcadium–soon to be released on Amazon–and for some sweet reason I can’t come up with a design. It’s like trying to covey your entire novel in one image… one picture to represent thousands of words. It’s so damned tough…arg! Yes lets make pirate noises.

And now back to work I go…