Arcadium YA Novel Release

Say what?
My debut young adult novel, Arcadium, is now available for download on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble in eBook format.

What is Arcadium? Florence knows but she’s not telling anyone, and it could just be the key to the survival of the human race.

Sixteen-year-old Florence West must journey across a disease ravaged Melbourne with her nine-year-old sister Liss, and she’ll do anything to survive. Mostly that means staying clear of all people, the healthy ones on the run and the infected ones hungry for human flesh. But when she meets a man that speaks no English and a defiant set of brothers, Florence will be forced to question her ways. Because there’s only so far you can go alone, right?

Arcadium is a heart-stopping journey of hope across a ravaged urban land where survival always comes at a heavy price.

Where can you get it?

Click here to purchase from Amazon UK
And here to purchase from Amazon US (and Australia/New Zealand)
Click here to purchase from Smashwords (Any country, Any format)
And here to purchase from Barnes and Noble (America)
And finally search “Arcadium” on Apple ibooks

Don’t have an e-reader? Chill. You can still read Arcadium.

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Sample chapters of Arcadium are available on Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks and Barnes and Noble for free, and three full chapters are available here on Wattpad, also at no cost.

Ok, that’s it! Go forth and read, and if you feel like it you can write a review on the site you download it from.