What’s going on?

So my blog has been pretty quiet lately… well… yeah, my bad. Wait do people still say my bad? Mmm. Anyway. On with the update.

Arcadium: So remember that YA zombie novel set in Australia I wrote? Well, I’ve been working on making a print copy available through a Print on Demand company, and man is it time consuming. I’m waiting on a proof copy before making it available, but it should be out very soon. That also means a new cover design is coming (because my ebook cover wasn’t pixelatious enough for print, boo), so watch out for the reveal!

And on another Arcadium note… The sequel. It’s official name is SKYLIGHT, but I can’t tell you much more than that just yet. But hey, that’s progress.

The Other Project: I’m also working on a finished YA fantasy novel, creating submissions to a bunch of UK agents, and that’s time consuming to the power of 100.

So there you go!
On with your day!