Zombie Craze 2013

June is the month of Zombie Craze over at the Bookish Brunette blog, and ARCADIUM is taking part! Yessss.

I’ll be giving away copies of Arcadium, and revealing my Choose Your Own Adventure zombie challenge. That’s right. It’s as awesome as it sounds. You’ll become Florence West (the main character of Arcadium, for those who haven’t read it yet) and you’ll be charting her journey pre-Arcadium. You’ll have to make all the right choices to safely cross Melbourne and make it to your little sister, Liss. But don’t forget all those flesh hungry zoms! Will you survive?

My guest post will be out later in the month, so keep an eye out for it, and don’t forget to let everyone know how far you made it in the comments! You should probably start stretching now so that you’re nice and limbered up when you take on the challenge. Just sayin. Good Luck!

The Bookish Brunette

5 thoughts on “Zombie Craze 2013

  1. Your book sounds good, I’m gonna give it a try. I love the whole ‘people banding together to survive’ idea. Especially when it can be dangerous to let others in your group. Look forward to the read.

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