More on Skylight + Arcadium Free on Smashwords

Yep. I tried to get it out earlier, but alas. I did not. My bad. Don’t worry though! Skylight is coming back from my beta readers now and with a little fine tuning it should be here in a few weeks. I can’t really stick to a definite date because look how that turned out last time!

I am really excited though!

Also if you’re wondering how much it’s going to be, I’ve decided to keep the e-book at 99c/99p (or whatever Amazon decides is the random exchange price for the Brits!?).

Also Arcadium is free on Smashwords for the moment, so click here to check that out.

Next week I’m heading to the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, UK. Exciting! It’s basically nine days of theatre, costume wearing, readings, talks, walks and regency workshops. And the costumes have been taking forever to make! So that’s probably another reason Skylight got a tad delayed. 😀


27 Books for 27 Years!

Just finished my 2013 reading challenge of 27 books by my 27th birthday. BOOM! Crack out the cheeseboard, the fancy champagne and the break-dancing troupe in glitter suits.
Also, I just became the age of my ex-race number (do racing numbers become exes if you go on a 5 year sabbatical? Who cares. CAKE MUST BE EATEN NOW!)

Please stand by for proof:

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Sarah has
completed her goal of reading 27 books in 2013!


Three Ways to Get More Zombies in Your Life (Because You Know You Want That)

Am I right? Can I get a hell, yeah? Or whatever, just sit there silently in front of your computer screen, staring deadpan. Okay, so zombies don’t exactly exist in real life (and lets hope I didn’t just jinx us all). But fictional zombies offer us endless entertainment, and I thought I’d grace you with my TOP THREE WAYS TO ZOMBIE UP YOUR LIFE!

1: Harder to Find Than a Zombie Cure… It’s the Prequel to Warm Bodies!

Yes, it exists! I didn’t realise until, by chance, I stumbled upon Isaac Marion’s Website. That’s how secret it is apparently (or maybe I just don’t pay attention to anything). Warm Bodies, for those who aren’t aware, is an awesome zombie book, recently made into a movie, about a zombie who falls in love with a girl. I know a sequel is on its way, but how could I not know about the prequel!!!! The New Hunger is out now, with the paperback coming out later this year.

2: Get Fit as Zombie Hordes Chase You (Fictional Ones, That Is)

Now this is some serious coolness. Zombies, Run! is a fitness App for your smartphone. When you go for a run (or walk) you can use this app to listen to a creepy zombie story unfold through your earphones. You are now part of a zombie apocalypse. Your name? Runner Five. You’ve been tasked with building a zombie safe town, and the further you run the more items you’ll collect to use in the game. You can also get chased by zombie hordes, in which you have literally have to sprint for your life so you don’t get caught. Sometimes you survive, sometimes you don’t, and sometimes you look really freaked out and people wonder what’s wrong with you as you run/walk/scream past. Check out their trailer video:

3: Actually Get Chased by Zombies and Hope You Survive

Run For Your Lives is a 5k run in America that involves actually being chased by ZOMBIES (or people dressed up as zombies), and if they catch you enough, you will (pretend) die. If that’s not scary enough, some of the obstacles include a blood pit, a maze with zombies wandering within, and a smoke house where you have to dodge zombies in the dark… with smoke… and electric shocks. I know what you’re thinking, right? AWESOME. Call me a mind reader, what can I say?

And what’s cooler is that you there is a choice to be either a runner OR a zombie. Check out their video:

Even if you don’t live in America (or don’t like running) you can always watch a whole lot of competitors attempt the run on YouTube. Gosh, it looks like hard work.
Anyway, reader, go forth and enjoy your zombified day.

P.S I am in no way affiliated with any of these things/events.

P.P.S I’m pretty surprised I’ve managed to go a whole post without mentioning the book I wrote, which is zombie related. Oh, what book you ask? Well, it’s called… AAAAH just kidding. I wouldn’t do that. But seriously, check the Books link above if you dare. Mwahahaha.

Say What?

Well today I was updating my author bio on my manuscripts for Arcadium and I came along something weird, something… hilarious if you may, in the thank you section. I said this. I actually said this.

“and while I don’t have an editor I’ve done my best to eradicate those pesky little things”

Mmm. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
So just to clarify: I do not want to eradicate small editors. Just typos. Ok, good. Continue on with your internetting.

Judging books by covers

Why are book covers so difficult? I’m trying to make a cover for my novel Arcadium–soon to be released on Amazon–and for some sweet reason I can’t come up with a design. It’s like trying to covey your entire novel in one image… one picture to represent thousands of words. It’s so damned tough…arg! Yes lets make pirate noises.

And now back to work I go…

e-Readers: not so evil after all?

Worship them as the way of the future or despise them as the death of all things sacred to reading, no matter which team you’re on e-Readers are here to stay.

See, I’ve always thought they were stupid. Always thought they would never take off. But now I’m not so sure.

My only real experience with an e-Reader has been the filthy Kobo. Yuk, what a disaster. I’d rather lug around a library of hardbacks than be within a five mile radius of a defective, inferior Kobo. They were slow, ugly, clunky, expensive and would break all the time. Yet people seemed intrigued.

Living in Australia (might as well have been a parallel universe as far as the book industry is concerned), the dawn of e-Readers gave us limited choices: mainly Kobo or Sony devices. And that was pretty much it. The Kindle, being locked to Amazon, was never an option for us on our distant island home.

But now I’m living in the UK and things are different. I saw a real live Kindle the other day, and it looked epic! Totally James Bond. You can absolutely picture yourself abseiling down a hundred foot dam wall, bullets ricocheting off the concrete, all whilst you leisurely flick through the latest paranormal romance novel on your bad-ass looking Kindle.

The Positives

  1. Kick ass traveling companion as long as you have access to: A) Wi-Fi or 3G   B) A power source   C) An e-reader that doesn’t freeze and corrupt every five minutes.
  2. Access to millions of awesome books that traditional publishers wouldn’t bother with.
  3. MORE MONEY FOR SELF PUBLISHED AUTHORS! And better yet an outlet where people can sell books to the public without having a publisher or agent or having to shell out a few thousand pounds for printing or find space for the boxes of printed books or do the postage and packaging dance.
  4. Access to free books! Never shell out money for a classic again. And loads more previously unpublished writers let lose their creative genius for free.
  5. You will look cool. James Bond cool. Nice.

The Negatives

  1. No battery left… No readie-readie. That simple. No Wi-Fi, No 3G? No new books. Aw, what a buzz kill.
  2. Access to millions of books featuring the most disturbing grammatical and spelling errors by authors who seemingly haven’t even done a second read through of their novel.
  3. Expensive books. More expensive then their paper counterparts in many cases. This notion seems to defy the laws of sense. Go figure.
  4. Drop a book and nothing happens. Drop your E-reader and BAM. It’s dead. Not to mention all the potential flaws: the freezing screens, the batteries that won’t charge anymore and the rubbish customer service when trying to get a problem with your E-reader fixed.
  5. Thievery. You wouldn’t really pick pocket a paper book of someone, but an E-reader is much more valuable (so some people would say ;)).

So the moral of the story is…if you love them, buy one. If you hate them, don’t buy one. But they’re kind of growing on me.

Blog Fright…

Is there such a thing as blog fright? Similar to stage fright but on the blogosphere.

Because oh my gosh I have no idea what to blog about! I’m not even sure what this blog is supposed to be about. My initial idea was to post some of my writing here. I figure the blog’s not about me. It’s not a diary of my life. Perhaps just my writing life? Yes. I like that.

And while we’re on the topic of horror…

American Horror Story. Oh my wow.
What a crazy TV show. I am so addicted.

It begins with the Harmon family moving into a new place after Ben has an affair and his wife Vivien has a miscarriage. They’re trying to save their marriage and their teenage daughter is caught in the middle. Ben is a psychologist and see’s his clients in the home (so there are always creepy psychotic people wandering around). What they don’t realise is that the house is haunted by all its former inhabitants and some really scary stuff is on the horizon for them.

It’s a messed up storyline, with so many twists. And as I’m editing The Fear I can feel this show inspiring a darker side to the story.
Very cool.