Your mission, should you choose to accept, it involves:

Join me on Kiva: Kiva gives you the chance to make small loans to borrowers working to start businesses and improve their lives. I’m already lending on Kiva and thanks to some rich people out there, you can join me with a $25 Free Trial. Just follow this link to my page and give someone a hand to improve their own life.  (Just so you know, you’ll get a free $25 trial loan and so will I.)

It’s a cool way to get involved in decreasing world suck. The cool thing is you’re not donating, you’re just making a loan. And a pretty small one at that. You might have seen this on the Vlogbrothers you tube channel, yes it’s the same Kiva. You can even join the Nerdfighter’s team, which is pretty fun.

Here’s how it works: you choose where your money goes ($25US or I think it was about 16UKpounds for me), and to what causes it contributes (My favourite is women’s education but there are loads more), and then after the loan is paid back to you (yes, they pay you back!) you do it all again and give someone else a loan, or you can withdraw your money into your paypal account, if that’s what you want to do.

Help jump start economies recovering from turmoils and conflicts | Give young entrepreneurs tools to realize their dreams | Empower marginalized people like widows, refugees and more | Help low-income students with tuition | Help people in rural areas buy supplies for their shops and farms | Plus you feel pretty darn good about it… 😀

It’s just that cool. You can join a team and work together (I’m a member of the Nerdfighter team, come join me!), or you can just loan on your own (Not to be obvious but that totally rhymes. Epic!).

Arcadium (Whoa yeah!) My first novel is available on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords and iBooks in both ebook and paperback. Keep an eye out, sailors.

Melbourne, Australia. An apocalyptic future. Sixteen-year-old Florence West and her nine-year-old sister Liss must journey to the Eastern side of the city to find familiar ground. But how can they survive when an infectious disease is turning everyone into creepy flesh-eating crazy people?


Skylight (Arcadium, #2)

Flo is back in the epic sequel to Arcadium.

Skylight (Arcadium, #2)

Wildfire (Arcadium, #3) Coming 2018

This page will most definitely not self destruct in thirty seconds… Are you mad? I don’t have that kind of technology!


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